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ELIA Academy 2023 - Exploring Situatedness

The ELIA Academy 2023 invited participants to immerse themselves in the captivating city of Évora. This invitation urged individuals to explore and embrace the rich cultural heritage of the place, as well as its unique situatedness. Portugal's Alentejo plain became a focal point, revealing its role as a convergence of intricate histories and artistic expressions.

As arts educators, students, practitioners, and professionals gathered at this celebrated UNESCO World Heritage site, they brought their diverse perspectives to the table. The goal was to engage with the location and delve into how art was being created in the present, and how it was shaping its value for the future. Amidst the ambiance of Évora, participants were encouraged to contemplate their place in both time and space and share their understanding of situatedness.

Fahim was member of the steering group of the ELIA Academy 2023 and acted as chair for several sessions.

Photo credits: João Bacelar, P Sandra Pinela, Joana Guerreiro, Flávio Sobral, Diana Amado, Diana Gonçalves, Stefani Calori, Alexandra Zappa and Ana Horta.

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